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E2S (Excel2Sage) can be used for a variety of purposes to import data from external sources from the templates provided with the software:

• Customers | Suppliers | Projects
• Customer Delivery Addresses
• Sales Invoices | Sales Credits
• Sales Orders | Sales Receipts
• Sales Service Invoices | Sales Service Credits
• Sales Product Invoices | Sales Product Credits
• Purchase Invoices | Purchase Credits
• Purchase Orders | Purchase Payments
• Products | Stock Adjustments
• Price Lists | Prices
• Bank Payments | Bank Receipts | Bank Transfers
• Nominal Journals
• Project Transactions

We can map and import data from any consistent source

and more ...

We can load from data formats such as CSV, XLS, XML, Sql Server and MySql

We offer a free no-obligation 30 day trial of the software, which can be downloaded and installed in a matter of minutes, but we are more than happy to help you to get it ready to test if you need a hand.


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